Israa University- Public and International Relations

The University honored a number of students for their distinction in academic excellence. It was held in its North Gaza headquarter where a dozen of students, their families, and academic and administrative bodies attended the ceremony.

On his part, Prof. Adnan Al Hajjar, President of the University, welcomed the outstanding students and their families and congratulated them for what they have achieved in spite of the difficult economic and social conditions thy live.

He explained that the students’ excellence reflects the strong will of the Palestinian people and their determination to achieve their goals in the light of the harsh conditions.

In addition, he stressed the important role of learning in promoting the Palestinian society thus, the university board interested in the social and national responsibility to help our people continue their higher studies.  Consequently, it grants thousands of scholarships, especially for the distinguished and poor students. This is based on the university principle to not let the bad economic conditions inhibit students in continuing higher education.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Al-Hajjar conclude his speech and mentioned that the next celebration will be held in the new university headquarters in Al-Zahra city. After that, prizes and certificates were presented for the excellent students.




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