The Admission and Registration Department accepts, records, and monitors students until they graduate as well as follows-up exam cases.

Excellence, creativity and high responsibility in following up students at Israa University from their entrance to their successful graduation

Admission and Registration Department at Israa University seeks to promote and continuously improve the level of service offered in all areas of admission, registration and guidance, as well as to follow-up the graduation requirements to facilitate our dear request


  • Accept Students at the university, organizing the academic record, providing academic guidance, monitoring examinations; The results are announced and graduation requirements are followed up for all students of the university.
  • Following the best academic and guiding methods to guide students to complete their studies with ease.
  • To promote awareness of the student system and regulations of the study through various means.
  • Continuously develop admission and registration systems and procedures.
  • Document and finalize student graduation procedures with ease.
  • All finished Forms of acceptance, registration, electronic archiving and archiving of data and documents.
  • Provide all information and statistics on students to relevant authorities and issue periodic reports and statistics.
  • Upgrade and equip the acceptance and registration halls with the latest facilities.


  • Discover Programs

  • Undergraduate Programs :




1. Engineering &

Information Technology

Heating, Cooling & Air Conditioning Engineering

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering

Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing

Web-pages Internet Development


2. Faculty of Medical Sciences

Nursing Science

  1. Nursing

Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

2.Medical Laboratory

Clinical Psychology

3. Clinical Psychology

3. Faculty of Law

Department of Law

1. Administrative law

Department of Human Rights

2. Human Rights

4. Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences


1.Cost Accounting and management accounting


Business Administration

2. Business Administration

3. Business Administration/Eng


5.Faculty of Humanities

Media & Digital Journalism

1. The Press and the Electronic media

2. Radio, Television and Communication Technology


English Language

3. English Language

4. Translation/ Literature

Political Science & Diplomacy

5.General Political Department


  • Faculty of Graduate Studies

Postgraduate Programs

1. Business Administration

2. Law


  • North Campus (College of Intermediat Studies)

Intermediate Diploma Programs

1. Business Administration & International Trade

2. International Secretarial & Office management

3. Accounting & Governance Systems

4. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology

5. Computer Networks and Internet Engineering

6. Pharmacy
7. Nursing
8. Legal Assistant


Services provided to students:

  • Receive and accept students at the beginning of each academic year, and designate them with different specializations according to the policy you specify University.

  • Guide students in all registration processes, especially drawing, adding, converting, deferring, withdrawal, etc.

  • Declaration of the grade and final schedules and examinations.

  • All documents relating to the academic student's file, such as a certificate of enrollment, and the disclosure of various degrees and affinies, are extracted and certified.

  • Receive and follow-up a trail and execute deferral and transfer requests from one specialization to another and requests for re-entry and withdrawal From the classroom.

  • Communicating with students and placing them in an academic form such as academic warning, postponement, discontinuation, And academic class.

  • Make periodic statistics on the number of adcourses, investigators, registrars and alumni per class.

  • Student Card Version.

  • Resolve student issues related to registration, central examination committee or sign monitoring.

  • Archive students' files electronically, papers, and decisions made during their studies.

  • Supervise the graduation of students, the printing of their certificates and the statements of their degrees.