Faculty of Humanities at Israa University Organizes Field visit for Students of political and diplomatic sciences.

Dr. Alaa Matar, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, confirmed that these visits come in the belief of the university's vision "that seeks to change toward professionalism, to prepare students for the labor market.

Dr. Alaa Hammouda, a lecturer in the Department of political and diplomatic Sciences, accompanied the students in the field tour to learn about the civil society organizations closely and to know their goals, vision, nature of their work and how they were created. The visit included the Palestinian NGO Network, the Center for Women's Affairs, the Palestinian Women's General Union, the Palestinian Media Authority, the PYALARA youth role, the General Federation of Cultural Centers and the General Federation of Trade Unions.

At the end of the tour, Dr. Hammouda pointed out that this tour applied all the theoretical concepts that students gained in lectures on the ground. The students have learned about the nature of civil society and social movements, if not completed in Palestine because of the lack of an independent state, that what exists in the Palestinian situation are the components of civil society, and not the complete concept, and that the civil organizations are part of civil society and are not equal These organizations work double because of the specificity of the Palestinian situation, the existence of the occupation, the date of its creation, how the elections are applied, and the complementary role of society as the closest to the people in the political, social, cultural and economic aspects.

Dr. Matar stressed the importance of these extra-curricula activities, which the Faculty of Humanities has been holding in order to increase the students' abilities in the university, wishing students and students the best use of these activities.