Students Clubs

These are student-led events that play a vital role in building students' learning and life experience and provide them with the opportunity to engage in extra-curricula activities that help them to integrate into the university community with their colleagues who share the same interests. It also supports rich development opportunities that contribute to understanding how to work through groups and help refine some skills in a practical way, such as communication, group work and leadership, through which talent and energy are discovered and invested for students at Israa University.

  • Student Clubs: exists to embrace student activities according to the activity targeted.
  • Department: Student Affairs Department.
  • Students: All full-time students of Israa University

Club Supervisor: A member of the University's administrative or academic body, responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating the activity, in coordination with the Club President, Dean and Student Affairs Department.

President of the Club: He is a student of the University who is a member of the administrative body of the College Club.

Student Clubs Message:

The Student Activity Clubs are an important forum for the discovery and development of talent, and for promoting student innovation and creativity. The clubs are also a scientific, cultural, social, sports and technical center that allows students to communicate with the leaders of these activities inside and outside the university and a major source of presentation of their results so that they can be a building that enriches society and gain our pride in it.

It is one of the sectors of the student affairs department that supervises the various student clubs, according to the university faculties (Club of Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medical Sciences Club, Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences, .. etc.), It is a center of hobbies and activities where students find their favorite hobby, supported by experience and tools that help them to practice their hobby, promote extracurricular activity and achieve their educational goals.

Strategic Objectives:

Build integrated personalities that can meet challenges, seek to connect with and meet community needs through effective activity planning The students' students' clubs, which contribute to the development of the various aspects of the students' personality to qualify them to assume responsibilities in the future and exchange experiences between students and the academic community on the one hand and students themselves and between the university in general, the local community and the world on the other.

General objectives and activities of student clubs

1. To encourage voluntary work, public service and group work among university students.
2. Activities that highlight the efforts of the club members in areas where they are very active and focus on their field of specialization.
3. Conducting cultural activities through (seminars, lectures, meetings, competitions, tours, workshops, training courses...) And social activities through (material assistance, visits). Etc.), sports, educational, scientific and various activities.
4. Discovering student talent, caring for talented people, and creating a database of student talents in various fields.
5. Create an environment for students to develop their abilities, share experiences and promote, support and honor them.
6. Participate in different events.
7. Help new and old students solve administrative and academic problems at the university.
8. To strengthen cooperation and the relationship between students and the academic and student community.
9. Help students to open up to the institutions of the academic, student and civil society.
10. Encourage student initiatives and club cooperation