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Behavior Concerns: Misconduct, Harassment, discrimination & Violence

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Important Note

Important Note

Cases that present an immediate threat to self, others, or property should be considered an emergency and should be directed to Israa University by calling +97082843433, +970594600140.

Reporting Anonymously

Reporting Anonymously

If you would like to make an anonymous report, please note that the University may not be able to follow-up or take action if there is limited information provided. The University reserves the right to use discretion in assessing behavior concerns submitted through the Online Report.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy and Confidentiality

Confidentiality will be maintained as much as possible, however the University may be required to release some information to appropriate parties.

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Please provide a description of the situation and as much information as possible (i.e. nature of the situation, frequency of behaviors, examples of behaviors, observations, quotes, etc).

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Online Reporting Conditions

Online submissions will be addressed during normal business hours, Saturday- Thursday (8am-3pm). If submission is posted after hours, the matter will not be addressed until the following business day.