Tasks of the Council:

  • Approve general policies of the scientific research at the university, formulate programs and plans emerging from them, follow up their implementation, and evaluate them.
  • Specify the conditions and requirement that should be in the certified and distinguished scientific research centers, and work in funding and developing the center.
  • Choose the appropriate strategies for nurturing the capabilities of the scientific research, and create an appropriate environment for achieving this.
  • Prepare registrations, legislations, and systems related to the scientific research at Israa University.
  • Represent the university at regional and international organizations and institution works on scientific research
  • Cooperate and sign agreements of scientific research with the regional and international parties, implement these agreements, and follow them up.
  • Provide all capabilities and communications in developing database for all researchers.
  • Formulating subcommittees derived from the major committee, set its goals, and following it up.
  • Implement quality standards in activities and issues of the scientific research.
  • Raise the awareness of scientific research ethics and guarantee saving researchers’ rights.
  • Develop a mechanism to promote patent, creativity, and distinction in the scientific research at the university. 

Council Members:

  1. Dr. Alaa Matar
  2. Dr. Ahmad Al-Hausania
  3. Dr. AbdulFatah Qaraman
  4. Dr. Taleb Abu Mo'ala
  5. Dr. Tariq Al-Dirawi
  6. Dr. Monia Mezied
  7. Dr. Mohamad Al-Nahhal