–. A student cannot

(a) perform dealings, either on Campus or off Campus, in any way damages or undermines

 i. the interests, disposition or reputation of the University, student, staff, officer or worker of the University; or

ii. the peace or safety of public, moral, courteousness or discipline.

(b) violate any written laws, whether within the Campus or outside the Campus;

(c) disrupt or in any way interfere, or be the cause of disruption or interference, with any teachings, learnings, research, administrative duties, or any activity that is performed by or under the instructions or with the permission of the University;

(d) prevent, obstruct or disrupt or be the cause of any prevention, obstruction or disruption, of any University officer or worker or anyone acting under orders or permission of that officer or worker, from performing their work, responsibility or duty;

(e) prevent or obstruct, or be the cause of any prevention or obstruction, any student from attending any lecture, tutorial or class, or from participating in any authorized activity;

(f) promote, criticize, or boycott any examination, lecture, tutorial, class or other authorized activities that are performed by or under the direction, or with the permission of the University; … ”

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