Library Service:

The Library of Israa University was established as a platform for science and added quality to the scientific and cultural libraries in line with the University's motto "Change Towards Professionalism". The library contains a number of books, references and periodicals, which include thousands of titles in Arabic and English, to serve the faculties and students of all their specializations. In addition, the university library has a computerized system in all its administrative and technical work using a library program, which includes an index and a classification of all holdings Library. Besides, the library sorts out these sources and keeps them. Similarly, it is responsible for orienting library frequenters to know how to find out sources of information and how to make advantage of them. 

Libraries Vision:

Upgrade to a wide variety of leading libraries, helping to meet the needs of scientific and academic research, and serving university students, staff, and the community via using the best of the latest technologies.

Library Message:

The Israa Library plays a key role in serving the academic community of university students, staff and community members by providing library materials and scientific tools, and providing services and facilities to suit the requirements of the school curriculum. Self-education seeks to provide comprehensive potential and diverse and sophisticated sources of information.

The message of the library of the University of Asra is that it should be a central point of the knowledge and information society, and that the first provider of office services should be the highest quality of the university community and other researchers in Palestine and abroad to produce and disseminate knowledge, and support needs. Supporting scientific research at the local and national levels through organizing and providing the required information sources and the various necessary equipment and materials. It also creates the right atmosphere to help research, study and learn.

Objectives of Library :
To achieve the vision and message of the Library Service, the following objectives must be achieved:

  • Provide sources of information in their various forms, types and topics in accordance with established standards and specifications for this purpose, in order to meet the needs of the beneficiaries.

  • Organizing sources of information Scientifically organized and storage, ensuring quick, accurate and easy access, and ensuring its safety and preservation.

  • Providing library and information services to users according to scientific methods.

  • Training and guidance for beneficiaries on how to use the Library and to utilize its information resources and services through the development of appropriate training and extension programs.

  • Provide technical advice on libraries and information to who needs them from the sides and individuals.

  • Organization of training courses in the field of libraries and information within the framework of continuing education programs.

  • Cooperation and coordination with libraries, information centers and other relevant institutions within and outside Palestine in order to achieve mutual benefits in office procedures and services.

  • Organize and participate in seminars, conferences and seminars in such activities Organized by other parties.

  • Preparation of studies and research in the field of libraries and information, publications, literature and other forms that serve the library and its beneficiaries.

  • Participate in third-party exhibitions.

Office Services:

The Library Services are divided into two main sections:

1: Technical services

Provisioning service:

A. providing and developing the Library's sources of information through procurement, exchange and donation.

B. take the proposals of the members of the Faculty to purchase and submit the office materials for their educational programs.

2: Indexing and classification (technical services)

 Indexing and classifying operations in the library are done from the following:

I. decimal Class Approval

II. Arabic numbers are supported in the rating numbers, as well as the three letters of the author's family.

Tools used in the Technical procedures section

1. Decimal Classification Plan .
2. Computers for data entry (automatic indexing).
3. Computers for auto-searching.
4. Seals required for all technical procedures.
5. Files for consignments and orders.

Second: Public services
Many services include:
  •  Beneficiary services
The following items include:

• answer questions and inquiries from the library’s beneficiaries.

• Personal guidance for library visitors to use the Library Software and its relationship to the order of its contents to access the required book as quickly as possible and with less effort.

  •  Loan service

This service includes the following items:

Loan books allowed by computerized systems (library software).
Retrieve books on time to return, and check books when returned.

       • Lending period:
University Staff: 30 days
University Students: 14 days
Visitors: 6 days