The Medical Department at Israa University provides services to students and workers in particular, and to the community in general.

The Medical Clinic was
simultaneously established the university's launch in 2014 to provide various emergency and reception services, and primary health care for students and university staff. specialists are available to provide medical services with our aspirations to develop the clinic in terms of providing a dental clinic as well as a suitable pharmacy.


Create a healthy and appropriate community health and university environment.


The medical department at Israa University seeks to provide the distinguished health services to students and workers on a well-developed health basis that contributes in maintaining a healthy environment.

Medical Service tasks:

1. Provision of integrated health services to staff and students, including emergency and reception services, primary health care and nursing services.

2- Identify, follow up and contribute to the solution of problems of female students and health students.

Promoting health culture and awareness-raising through symposia as well as workshops.

4. Strengthen community relations through free medical days and various health campaigns.