Background of Institution

  • Israa University is an independent, private, and non-for profit institution. The university was established in 2014 in Gaza Strip by a group of pioneers, academics, and researchers Who shared a vision " All people should have access to affordable, quality higher education that will prepare them to succeed in a dynamic world regardless of their socioeconomic status, race, color, sex, age, religion or creed, political preferences, marital status, disability, national or ethnic origin,.
  • located in the Gaza Strip, Israa University motto "Change Towards Professionalism".
  • We are a national university educational research striving for excellence in the academic scene, locally and regionally accredited working under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education of the Palestinian Authority in various disciplines, and majors.
  • Israa University is a member of many local ,national and international entities and associations such as:
  • International Union Of Universities (IUU).
  • Association of Arab Universities.
  • Islamic Universities League.
  • Universal Union for Scientific Institutions.


Israa University is committed to providing quality educational programs and life-long learning activities at the most affordable cost. The College is open to students with a wide variety of backgrounds and abilities. We take pride in the richness of our diversity and our nurturing atmosphere, which encourages people who otherwise might not aspire to higher education to enroll and excel.

Our staff is made of faculty, alumni and friends, national experts and visiting scholars, and a growing list of international and domestic academic, corporate, and government partners who share our commitment to providing a unique and affordable higher education to the Palestinian people.




Program Outline

IUSG offers undergraduate (Main Campus) and Diploma (Yafa Campus) programmes that are conducted by the following Faculties:


  • Main Campus (Zahra City)




1. Engineering &

Information Technology

Heating, Cooling & Air Conditioning Engineering

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering

Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing

Web-pages Internet Development


2. Faculty of Medical Sciences

Nursing Science

  1. Nursing

Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

2.Medical Laboratory

Clinical Psychology

3. Clinical Psychology

3. Faculty of Law

Department of Law

1. Administrative law

Department of Human Rights

2. Human Rights

4. Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences


 1.Cost Accounting and management accounting


Business Administration

2. Business Administration

3. Business Administration/Eng


5.Faculty of Humanities

Media & Digital Journalism

1. The Press and the Electronic media

2. Radio, Television and Communication Technology


English Language

3. English Language

4. Translation/ Literature

Political Science & Diplomacy

5.General Political Department


  • North Campus (College of Intermediat Studies)

Intermediate Diploma Programs

1. Business Administration & International Trade

2. International Secretarial & Office management

3. Accounting & Governance Systems

4. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology

5. Computer Networks and Internet Engineering


The list of Research Centres, Research Teams, Services Centres and Units at IUSG are listed as follows:

Research Centres

  1. Centre of Energy and Enviornment research
  2. Centre of Law Studies & Human Rights
  3. Centre of Computing & Technology Research
  4. Centre of Health Research
  5. Centre of Media & Polls
  6. Centre of Administrative & Financial Studies


Research Teams

  1. Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  2. Modern Management Accounting Methods & their Impact on Performance Appraisal & Decision-Making
  3. Study of Thermal Comfort in the Buildings of Israa University
  4. Light Brick Thermal Insulation Study
  5. Balance Between the Interests of Society & Individuals in The Code of Criminal Procedure

Service Centres

  1. Israa Radio
  2. Technical Facilities Centre
  3. Centre for Language and Translation


  1. Engineering Innovation and Technology Development Unit
  2. Student Development and Advisory Unit

Academic Facilities & Resources

The facilities that IUSG provides for its students are delineated below:

  • An impressive Museum filled with world-class displays & a state-of-the-art
  • Lecture halls to facilitate classroom learning and teaching.
  • bookshop, pharmacy, a post office and retail outlet to cater to the needs of students
  • An outstanding research library of over 100000 items and an extensive network of electronic databases and internet access.
  • Sport Centre that is equipped with indoor and outdoor facilities that caters to students’ sporting events and games.
  • Warm and cozy cafeterias, as well as well-designed green environment building