Center of Media and Polls was established in 2017, at Israa University. The Center has its own entity in technical, financial and administrative terms. Consequently, the orientation of work will be toward conducting and stimulating public opinion measurement, public interest, providing and coordinating with researchers in the level of statistics or results. Creating an integrated research environment whereby the scientific results of researchers and the university are increasing. To ensure positive interaction with community issues, policies and programs on public problems and concern issues for decision-making. The strategy of work relies on an advisory body as well as on the potential of Israa's Faculty and Department. The facilities also offered by the University via its various faculties and centers.


To submit well-documented scientific research in the field of surveys and measuring Palestinian public opinion and in various local, Arab and international issues to contribute to national decision-making.


Public opinion trends revealed The Palestinian Authority is concerned with the issues raised on the domestic and international arena, which it deals with by providing qualified human staff to do this, and providing special research, training and advisory services with regard to opinion polls and measures at the local and Arab levels.


1. Conduct scientific studies in public opinion surveys and regular periodic measures that provide information to support decision-making.
2. To study public opinion issues in systematic ways and their implications for the State of Palestine and the Middle East.
3. Develop public and public opinion studies and marketing research in Palestine, and work to reach modern global standards in accordance with methodological accuracy standards, confidence guarantees and reliability of results.
4. To examine international political, economic, social and media issues of concern to the Palestinian community, as well as local issues related to economic policies, labor market regulation, population composition, human resources development and increased participation in the labor market.
5. To follow-up and study the various political, economic, social and media issues and developments that are emerging at the local, regional and international levels and which have implications for Palestinian society, and to draw on the significance of these developments, and to identify some scientific expectations and future results. The Palestinian people are also interested in the Palestinian state at the local, regional and international levels, and they are organized according to their priorities and importance, and then working groups are set up to study them and make recommendations.
6. Preparing future studies that depend on the facts, in order to choose the most suitable alternatives to face the event before it takes place, and to avoid issuing decisions taken under the pressure of reality.
7. Preparation of notes and studies with the status of "focused summaries or sources of information", to be made available to specialized agencies, government institutions, research centers and universities. In addition, a database showing trends in Palestinian public opinion has been established.


Dr. Ibrahim Al-Masri


Ramzi Hamdan