Promote principles of good governance for innovation and the development of services at Israa University , efficiently and effectively in accordance with local and international quality standards.


Apply and develop the applicable university regulations and procedures, According to local and international quality systems and the improvement of the performance of different services; furthermore, to ensure an evaluation of advanced quality service at the university.

Development, organization and supervision of staff at the university.


1. Sustainable improvement in the regulations and regulations applicable to university staff in the interest of their work.

2. Attracting and appointing human competencies to fill the posts, taking the necessary measures for recruitment and adopting the principle of merit and efficiency in the recruitment, promotion and workflow of the various departments of the university.

3. Follow up staff affairs on appointments, moves, promotions, leave and time keeping, follow-up on their job discipline, and prepare a file for each employee.

4.To increase the level of career performance of the University's staff through the development of knowledge, experience and qualifications, and the development of training and outreach programs; to track the evaluation of their job performance.

5. Effective contribution to the development and implementation of strategies and administrative development programs.

6. Facilitating and simplifying procedures in various administrative areas and levels; improving the work environment.
7. Development, service and organization of information on human power management.

8. Enable distinguished and creative employees to accelerate their career advancement, through incentives and promotions, to achieve career succession programs.

9- providing the Rector with reports and statistics from information and data on each employee and on applications for employment.