Israa University is completely concerned with the teaching curricula in terms of preparation, writing, experimentation, improvement and development of academic courses and is a unit of the active university that supervises the preparation, development and evaluation of courses in accordance with the Vision and Mission of the university.

The Department tracks Academic Affairs in its structure. They have direct links with faculties and Academic Staff. To collaborate on the follow-up of all courses in terms of their preparation, their song, audio-visual, reading and electronic media, and their continuous development.

  • Build, develop, and enrich the University of Assya curricula after appropriate assessments are made by hands Specialists in each field.
  • Drafting a guide for the adoption and development of curricula and decisions according to local and international standards.
  • Ensure curriculum resources and references in collaboration with faculty members and departments working in them.
  • Follow-up to the implementation of the decisions of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs On curricula and books for development and improvement.
  • Develop curricula developed within the university in line with the requirements and skills students need in their workplace.
  • Provide all courses taught in collaboration with academic affairs and the Finance Department.
  • Prepare, photograph and print university course books within a specific and approved mechanism.
  • Evaluating course books By a specialized committee on an ongoing basis and its development within specific and approved criteria and mechanisms.
  • To contribute to the production and use of supporting educational media in cooperation with lecturers and the Department of Electronic Education for electronic viewing.
  • To promote scientific research on curricula.

Sections :
  1.  Curriculum Development and Development
  2.  Curriculum Follow-up and Development
  3.  Curriculum design and production
  4.  Curriculum Photocopy