The Information Technology Department is providing services to all computers and accessories connected to the university network, as well as information technology services directly and indirectly.


Continuing innovation and excellence in information technology services; To meet the needs of students, faculty and staff alike.


We seek to harness all the potential and capabilities of it; Become the primary tool and the true correspondent of information systems inside and outside the university.


Increased cooperation with community institutions.1.

2. Contributing to solutions to the problems of engineering society.

3. Engineering and technological systems design in the context of the engineering and labor profession in information technology; And adapting to advanced technologies.

4. reinforce the practical, applied, and training aspects of students.

5. Opening of specialized research centers in the field of engineering and information technology.

The Information Technology Department consists of three sections:

1—Network and Technical Support Systems.

2 — Programming Section.

3- Website section.

First: Network Systems and Technical Support

The Network and Technical Support Systems Section is a key part of the it department, providing the best networking and communication technologies across all departments and departments of the university. It also provides services to about 200 computers and accessories connected to the university network (Fax-surveillance printers, telecoms, etc.), and supervises the technical equipment at the university that is linked to it services.
The engineers of this department are also working to keep up with the technological development and addition of the components of work inside the university. And to refine the skills of modern technology to the university's staff and staff. The Network and Technical Support Division also supervises the provision of Wi-Fi for students on campus, as well as the maintenance of all electronic devices.

Second: Programming section

The programming section is one of the main departments responsible for managing the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of applications and computerized systems, as required by the University departments.

The engineers of this department are overseeing the establishment of the necessary applications for all departments and colleges within the university. This section seeks to develop its performance in a manner that is appropriate With the demands of university life and the modern technological acceleration of the world.

Third: Website section

The world observes the vision, goals and mission of the university through the true outputs.
Israa University's engineers are working on developing the website to include all the university departments and departments as far as the specialized side of the university news and the main angles that the university seeks to communicate and notice through it.