First-Year Students 

Distinguished by its genuine dedication to student success, the University promises you the attention, careful advising and state-of the-art facilities necessary to make sure you achieve excellence and exceed your own expectations.


Congratulations on choosing Israa University!

If you’re open to the possibility that you can achieve more than you have ever imagined, you’ve made an excellent choice. Israa students pursue academic success in an atmosphere that’s challenging yet supportive. Student success is our top priority.  We’re proud of the academic excellence we’re able to provide for our students.


Who is a first-year student? 

A student who has earned a high school diploma to study in Diploma or Undergraduate programs, or someone who may have earned college credits prior to graduating from high school, would qualify to apply as a first-year student for professional diploma..

First-year students most commonly enroll at Israa University in the fall or spring semesters following their high school graduation. High school students may apply any time after 15th July , following their junior year. 

High school applicants:

Students are able to apply for admission to the University starting mid of July  following their junior year.  Admission decisions are reached using a combination of your official high school records and choice of major. Some Israa majors have contracted admissions standards requiring higher minimum GPA and/or test scores (i.e. nursing, medicine) along with a more thorough look at the applicant’s high school transcript and coursework taken. Once your completed application has been received and reviewed, a formal letter from the Office of Admissions will notify you of your decision status.