Sport Activities

Israa University showed a keen interest in sport activities since its inception so that It established the Department of Student Affairs, Student Activities, the Unit of Sports Activity, which provides opportunities for students and employees to practice various sports activities, as it has an impact on the refinement and discipline of the student.

The role of sport in developing mental and intellectual abilities and activating creative thinking made sure that teams of Israa University are formed and trained for different sports. One of the primary objectives of the sports activity sector is to exercise leisure and recreational activities and to take leisure time with beneficial benefits, as well as other objectives:

• Continuing to make sports teams, discovering & upgrading students' sport skills.
• Training of various sports teams at the university.
• Establishment of tournaments and sports activities within the university in various sports.
• Participating in the formal and friendly championships of various sports in and outside the university.
• Expanding the base of sports activities by providing the opportunity to largest number of students and university staff.
• Developing advanced training programs for various types of sports activities.
• Developing a leading student’s personality and activating his/her community role by singing athletic spirit and practicing athletic activity.
• Persuading students’ wishes by practicing sports activities and leveraging the increased energy of emptying emotions and removing stress.
• contribution to raising the athletic level of the community.