Center for Energy and Environment Research

Palestine suffers from a shortage of energy resources and sources, especially fossil fuels, which calls for research, development and exploitation of environmentally friendly renewable energy sources to produce energy used in residential, commercial and industrial Engineering at Israa University-Gaza. It  also asking for providing the appropriate capabilities and environment for researchers in the field of energy and environment, as well as to support and disseminate theoretical or applied scientific research in the fields of energy and environment, which contribute to the creation of applied solutions to energy problems.


The Center should become pioneering in energy and environment research at the local, regional and international levels. Therefore, this will contribute to finding creative solutions to the growing and accompanying challenges to ensure the necessary, clean and optimal energy level for our local community and Arab region, rich in natural resources.


The Center seeks to encourage scientific research and researchers in energy and environment through providing all necessary means to contribute to providing creative solutions to problems in environment and energy by cooperating with international teams. Another, the center expects to develop thermal insulation systems and energy systems. Moreover, it looks forward to raising community awareness and build local, regional and international partnerships in energy and environment to contribute to its development through joint projects among interested institutions in energy and environment.


  • Develop scientific research and the skills of researchers in energy and the environment.
  • Provide renewable energy and environmental advice to individuals and institutions
  • Raising awareness of the use of renewable energy systems in the community.
  • Raising community awareness of the importance of environmental conservation.
  • Partnerships with relevant local, regional and international institutions In the areas of energy and the environment, development of these areas.
  • Conduct research and prepare studies on the work of the Center, relevant to future trends and in the interests of sustainable development.
  • Hold seminars and conferences related to the work of the Research Center.
  • Encourage young researchers, stakeholders and innovators in energy and the environment.
  • Contribute to the development of the capacity of the University's staff in any area relevant to the work of the Center.
  • Encourage students to Study in educational disciplines related to the Center's activity.

Director : Dr. Abdel-Fattah Qaraman

Secretariat : Eng. Arafat Khawaja


Dr. Mohamed Al-Nahal
Dr. Maher Al-Bayoumi
Dr. Jalal Rumi