Center of Health Research


Providing a creative environment for scientific research with a view to studying the health problems in Palestine, especially those in the Gaza Strip, which contribute to providing Premium health services for the community.


  • Conducting health studies and research on pressing issues contributes to the creation of new strategies for the prevention and treatment of health diseases in the Gaza Strip.
  • Provide a distinct community service by providing an officially approved medical examination of the cases transferred to the center. Especially the next group on marriage and newborn children through.
  • Establishment of a scientific laboratory equipped with modern technologies.
  • Develop the capabilities and skills of researchers, graduate students and faculty in using advanced scientific methods to study, diagnose and treat epidemic and chronic diseases, cancer and genetic diseases.
  • Contributing to bridge the gap between the theoretical side, And practical applications in the health field.
  • Establish a database of patients with cancer, hereditary and chronic diseases to facilitate research studies.
  • Enable decision-makers to make scientific evidence-based decisions in the health field.

Dr. Izzat Al-Askari


Mohamad Al-Masri