The department concerned with providing the needs of the university, maintaining inventory, planning, organizing, implementing and monitoring the procedures for storage, and the discounting of stock by the quantities and types of units, departments as required; ensuring that you work efficiently and effectively.


Meeting the different needs of all university departments according to the quality criteria, as long as developing plans and budgets for the different requirements and needs.


Work in full with the rest of the university's departments, store the purchased supplies the university needs from raw materials, tools, furniture, stationery...etc. Applying the administrative work to the highest standards in order to meet the needs of the university.


1. To provide all the necessary requirements for the functioning of all departments.

2. Achieve the smooth circulation of storage efficiently through the use of space.

3. Assistance to Procurement Department in identifying the appropriate quantities of materials and items required by the university.

4. Cover all materials used.

5. Store the required products in a healthy and well-used condition and in the quantities required.

6. Ensure that items are not lost, damaged or stolen by establishing an accurate system of receipt, retention and disburse.

7. Minimize storage costs.

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