The Student Affairs Department is responsible for monitoring student affairs and activities related to extra-curricula activities. It aims to effectively contribute to the development of students' talents and abilities, to highlight their skills, to develop their values of belonging, commitment and discipline, and to participate constantly in various volunteer activities with a .view to completing their personal building and leadership

Main Activities

  1. Prepare sports programs and activities to develop and refine student talents tp organize cultural, artistic and social programs to enhance cultural, artistic as well as to promotes talented students.
  2. Help the needy student by doing field and social searching for each case.
  3. Holding national and Islamic events.
  4. Coordination and supervision of the loan system
  5. Find out funding institutions to help needy students
  6. Medical services for students within the university
  7. Select and supervise a suitable cafeteria
  8. Provide lockers for students to save their papers and lease them for nominal wages
  9. Arange sports, cultural and artistic activities
  10. Guide students to study and keep up with having good ethics
  11. Specialized courses in various fields
  12. Following-up on students' socio-educational & psychological problems then work to tackle them.
  13. Seeking follow-up and help students who will graduate from the university and complete their university studies both at home and abroad

Student Affairs Units:

  • Social Survey Unit: It is concerned with studying social, economic and other conditions in society with a view to gathering facts and drawing the necessary conclusions for decision-making, and the social survey relies on collecting data and facts about students and making recommendations.


  • The extra-curricula activities Unit: Preparing, implementing and supervising student activities in coordination with the clubs and the university administration as well as fundraising for activities.