The Practical-Oriented Teaching Department, which is a direct reference for academic affairs.  Practical-Oriented Teaching or so-called learning by experience, is a key component of the university curriculum that focuses on the practical aspects of university students in its policy and thus ensures that the national technical and professional workforce is available to meet the country's development needs in different fields To make progress and prosperity for the homeland. Israa University works hard in its goal of achieving a culture of Practical-Oriented-Teaching in the labor market. There is an increasing need to recruit local professionals and professionals in various jobs through academic programs within the university that meet current and future needs of the labor market.


  • Provide our request with a full and comprehensive understanding of what is really meant to do on the ground by providing them with the real meaning of doing business opportunities for practical application of theoretical skills.
  • Help students discover diverse career options in different applied disciplines.
  • Meet the labor market needs of a trained workforce according to specific specifications and qualifications for doing the work required efficiently.
  • Flexibility to continuously develop courses to keep up with professional changes and to invest the University's training potential.
  • Highlight the knowledge society concept  as well as the shift toward productive education.
  •   To learn about the concept, reality and future of applied and technical education. Partnership with the labor market in developing a high-level curriculum that will help graduate highly qualified students.
  • It helps to achieve the goals of sustainable development.
  • Bridge the gap between Israa University and the labor market by harnessing the University's potential to graduate highly qualified students who will enter the labor market immediately after graduation.