Center of Law Studies and Human Rights

The research center affiliated with the Faculty of Law at Israa University-Gaza, which deals with law and human rights issues, established in 2017, based in Gaza-Palestine. Our staff are Palestinian and international human rights specialists, who, together with their academic experience, have extensive practical experience in law and human rights. We look forward to actively contributing to the consolidation of the values of justice, therein the rule of law and the dissemination of a culture of human rights through the research publication and studies that address the problems facing Palestinian society and its various issues; in line with international human rights criteria.


Looking forward to leadership in research and studies of law and human rights; This will contribute to the promotion of the values of justice, the rule of law and respect for and protection of human rights in Palestinian society.


The Centre seeks to promote research and academic studies in the field of law and human rights, in order to contribute to providing realistic solutions to societal problems in a manner consistent with international human rights standards. The Centre also seeks to promote the principles of democracy, the rule of law, the protection of rights and freedoms and the promotion of a culture of human rights in Palestinian society. It works to contribute actively to the defense of the rights of the Palestinian people. He also declared the crimes of the Israeli occupation forces and the pursuit of their perpetrators.



  • To support and respect for the principles of human rights and democracy, to promote and publicize the culture of human rights in Palestine for all interested institutions.

  • Highlighting the most prominent problems and pressing rights issues in the Palestinian society.
  • Promoting the principles of human rights and democracy; contributing to the consolidation of human rights principles in Palestine in terms of thought,  practice and non-discrimination.
  • To contribute to establish rule of law among citizens, then to  establish of the principle of legality.
  • Monitoring, documenting the human rights situation in Palestine;  preparing reports and submitting them to the institutions concerned with a view to their promotion and development of the mechanisms for their application and protection.
  • Great attention to the human rights of specific groups such as children, special needs and the elderly.
  • To contribute and promote women's rights; to enable them to participate actively in society.
  • To contribute actively to the promotion of the rule of law and to the promotion of the principle of separation Authorities and promotion of multi-party pluralism.
  • To work constantly to confine human rights concepts to Palestinian legislation.
  • Exposing the Israeli occupation authorities' violations before the international forums.
  • To contribute actively to the prosecution of Israeli war criminals before international courts, in particular the International Criminal Court.
  • Provide advice and support to government and legislative stakeholders; to link more closely with centers concerned with research and studies on law and human rights.

Mechanisms :

  • To verify the observance & committment of the Palestinian legislature of the principles of human rights in Palestinian legislation.
  • To verify the observance & committmentby the executive of the principles of human rights and the principle of legality for administrative actions and decisions.
  • Preparation of studies, reports, research as well as the widest dissemination of legal issues on law and human rights with a view to disseminating awareness and addressing legislative shortcomings.
  • Holding seminars, workshops, training courses and scientific conferences on human rights issues and Palestinian legislation.
  • To receive complaints and consultations concerning human rights violations and to follow up them from the competent authorities to redress the injustice and redress of the victim.
  • Judicial decisions and their commentary to condoning the principle of the independence of the judiciary and the impartiality of the judge.


Adviser/Zaher Al-Saqqa

Areej Marzouq