The program aims to guide and standardize the efforts of Israa University according to local and international standards for development, maintaining the academic capabilities of the University and continuously improving performance in order to meet the needs of students, the community and scientific research.


Apply the accreditation and quality body's academic quality standards Quality of the Ministry of Education and higher Education.
Application of international standards related to Arab, international and international classifications.
Promote colleges and support services toward the application of domestic and international standards.


  1. To disseminate the academic quality culture at the University through Holding meetings seminars, lectures, And workshops.
  2. Develop the necessary policies to develop work in academic affairs.
  3. Develop models through which academic work can be developed and distributed to colleges to work.
  4. Prepare work guides covering all components of academic work that contribute to the consolidation of academic efforts within the University.
  5. Coordinate with all faculties and supporting circles toward Development of the University's academic work.
  6. Prepare and report on the University of Asra self-assessment.
  7. Coordinate with universities and educational institutions on how to develop the quality of academic work.
  8. Coordinate with Quality and Program Coordinators in the faculties to develop academic work.
  9. Prepare studies, meetings and workshops on how to access local, international and global classifications
  10. Setup Reports on the work of the Service and the progress of academic affairs toward the application of standards.