Planning and Quality Department has been established since its inception so that it is leading and managing the university in case of planning and quality. According to the department it conisders as a basis for the proper construction and effective development that achieves goals and meets aspirations and reaches the university a place of advanced ranking in the Arab and international level. The University has eventually awarded the International Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2015.

Vision :

Leadership and excellence in the dissemination and promotion of a culture of planning and quality in accordance with local and international quality standards in various areas of the university's administrative and academic fields, and quality assurance becomes a behavior and a business approach to serve the educational process and society.


Apply quality management systems to local and international standards and adopt a process continuous improvement, performance evaluation, upgrading of the university level and gaining the trust and satisfaction of the beneficiaries in order to achieve the university's strategic objectives.

1. The study of the University's academic and administrative staff is based on the culture of planning and quality.
2. Assist in achieving the university's goals by applying local and international quality standards.
3. University access to the World Through the implementation of the Integrated Quality Management System (IMSIS) and its ISO 9001 certification.
4. Supervise the preparation of plans, follow-up implementation and evaluation of them .
5. Ensure quality and continuous performance improvement through coordination of audits and evaluations at all academic and administrative levels.

One of the Department's achievements is  "Best Performance in Quality" Competition, organized by the Accreditation and Quality Authority of the Ministry of Education for 2016. Moreover, the university was crowned with International Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2015.
If any inquiry, please contact us via official email:Planning_Quality@israa.edu.ps