Academic Programs Department


Academic programs Department at Israa University is an important constituency for achieving excellence and academic creativity in different academic fields, and leading existing academic programs or future programs to provide scientific and practical efficiencies for the labor market with high quality specifications. In addition to excellence in the development of academic services, the development of academic staff in the fields of scientific research, teaching and partnership with the community.



  • Continuouing development and strengthening of existing "medium Diploma and Bachelor" academic programs in accordance with quality standards and labor market needs.
  • To continue to develop existing academic programs, propose new methodological and methodological programs for their scientific and practical performance, support their participation in scientific activities, provide external missions and follow-up their adoption.
  • Contributing to the development of modern academic programs that meet the needs of the domestic and external markets.
  • Develop academic policies and systems, consistent with modern systems and achieving excellence.
  • Ensure an appropriate educational and learning environment at the university.



Academic Program Assessment

  1. Oversight of the comprehensive evaluation of these programs at the internal level
  2. Follow-up on the assessment process with various colleges and departments relevant to the disciplines assessed.
  3. Work on training colleges and departments and on their knowledge of the process of self-assessment and reporting
  4. Participate in specialized committees within University and program approval and control
  5. Prepare other reports as needed.

Documentation and Data Department :

  1. Develop and follow-up on new applications, accredited disciplines, partner universities
  2. Keep databases up-to-date, maintained, and developed periodically.
  3. Periodic reports, Or as needed.
  4. Training of university staff in the use and follow-up of these rules.
  5. Attend meetings.
  6. Any other related tasks.

Administrative and Technical procedures Section functions

  1. Receive applications for approval.
  2. Review the application for administrative completity (i.e. all necessary documentation is available); identify the missing things to follow with the applicant's college.
  3. Follow-up on all administrative and financial matters.
  4. Preparation of necessary correspondence for the Ministry of Education and its submission to the Presidency of Academic Affairs
  5. Ensure that the program meets strategic criteria, based on the decisions of the University Council "Policy" and/or sectoral studies and plans, Or any other reference related to a relationship.
  6. To propose standards for different disciplines in accordance with international and professional standards, with a view to improving the quality of programs in Palestine.
  7. Participate as needed in any training related to performance development in the organization.
  8. Participation in periodic meetings of the Council of Academic Affairs.