The goal of establishing 'graduates Follow-up Department' is to contribute to strengthening relations and closer communication between the university and its graduates to plan for organizing training programs and courses to improve the efficiency and performance of university graduates. Graduates are helping to create appropriate jobs.


  • Promote communication and belonging between the University and the graduates.
  • Highlight the achievements of the graduates as a marketing hub for the University.
  • Provide appropriate training for graduates to meet labor market requirements.
  • Build Data Base for integrated graduates
  • Preparing for meetings and workshops. Alumni conferences.
  • Highlight the graduates' achievements.
  • Monitor and market success stories for university graduates


Recruitment Division:

The Division aims to communicate with the local and regional markets to provide suitable employment opportunities for university graduates.

  •  Help companies, institutions and ministries seeking staff to reach university graduates easily. It also reduces the burden on graduates in the permanent search for employment ads.
  • Serve as the intermediary between the local and regional markets on the one hand and the graduate student on the other. It will help local and regional companies and institutions to conduct the necessary interviews with graduates through means
  •  Arrange mutual visits to local and regional institutions and companies to promote greater collaboration in the provision of employment opportunities for graduate students.

The Recruiting Unit also helps to create harmonization and matching the needs of the employees of the institutions and companies either by selecting graduates to whom the required conditions apply or by allowing the companies and institutions concerned to access the student graduate documents and choose the appropriate one.

Database and Archive Division

This module includes a complete computerized database on graduate students as well as full archiving of their files. The files of companies and institutions with a cooperative relationship with the graduates follow-up unit. The computerized unit is divided into two main sections:

1- Website of the Alumni Follow-up :

This site is linked to the alumni database.

2- Email:

This item is divided into two parts:


  • E-mail for alumni

Includes email addresses for all graduates Without exception, This will help to facilitate communication between graduate students and between the university and the institutions and companies that have a cooperative relationship with the graduate follow-up unit.

  • Corporate and Enterprise email

This section contains the necessary electronic addresses for companies and institutions that have a cooperative relationship with the graduates follow-up unit. These addresses help and make it easier for graduate students to communicate with relevant companies and institutions.

Development, Follow-up and Research Division

The Division is responsible for developing the graduate follow-up unit and preparing the necessary research and statistical studies on the status of graduates. In addition to studying and analyzing the nutrient signals from alumni, in terms of their follow-up to use in organizing admissions to different disciplines at the university.

Guidance, Extension and Training Division:

The Division aims to provide maximum counselling, guidance, guidance and training for graduate students by providing special bulletins and announcements. The announcement of training courses in management and professional skills, as well as training courses in how the interview works or how to write a curriculum vitae and other related topics.