Ahievements of the Scientific Research in five years, 2015-2020

Israa University has been launching its pioneering programs that meet the real needs of the Palestinian community.  To bridge the gap between university disciplines and the requirements of the Palestinian labour market whereby promoting research innovation.
To contribute to the development of practical solutions to different problems at the local level as well as their active participation in scientific research and applications at the regional and international levels. Furthermore, the university has established a scientific research service from the beginning of its scientific space and has provided it with the financial and logistical requirements that enable it to improve scientific research and support research work at the local and international levels, meeting national aspirations for regional and international scientific research.
The Department encouraged the faculty members to attend local and international scientific conferences, as well as to support the holding of scientific days and conferences at the university. Israa has also launched three scientific journals, six research centers and several research teams through the Scientific Research Department, in addition to expanding coordination and networking and holding local and international companies with universities and research centers to support scientific research locally and internationally. In addition, the University and the Scientific Research Service are supporting scientific research by providing and developing scientific laboratories for the purposes of supporting and encouraging scientific research. The University also works with the Scientific Research Department to continuously upgrade the University's library and provide it with the latest scientific journal articles and electronic references to serve the university's research by academic and student researchers.

This brief report exposes the most important achievements of the Department of Scientific Research through period of 2015-2020:
Discipline, Regulations & Procedures
The Department has prepared a number of regulations and procedures governing the scientific research process at the University:
1. Scientific Research .
2. Research Center .
3. List of Conferences.
4. List of the Organizing of Scientific Days.
5. University Research Scholarship Regulation.
6. List of Researchers' Behavior.
7. Conduct Scientific Research.
8. Scientific Conferences.
9. Conducting scientific days.
10. 36 quality model for the scientific research process.

Israa University Journals
The Department has launched three international scientific journals published on the database of the International database specialized international organization for the construction and development of scientific information bases specialized in research and academic fields.
1.Israa Journal for Humanities, ISSN 5918-2518 , is published in July and January, and will issue the ninth issue in July.
2. Israa Journal for Applied Sciences, ISSN 2523-0522, issues one issue per year in October, with the fourth issue to be released next October.
3. Israa Journal for Scientific Conferences, ISSN 2616-6925, publishes the research of the scientific conferences, with fourth issue in July.

Scientific Peer-Reviewed Conferences :
The Department is keen to encourage and support all university faculties to organize international scientific conferences that serve solving the problems ecountering the Palestinian society. In addition, two student conferences were organized:
  • .First International Scientific Conference, the Faculty of Law, in cooperation with the Gil Research Center, entitled "Palestine: Issue and Right", Tripoli-Lebanon, on 3 - 2 Dec 2016.
  •  The Second International Scientific Conference, entitled "the Health reality in Palestine from a Human Rights perspective", organized by the Faculty of Law, Gaza-Palestine, on Oct 10, 2016.
  •  The Third International Scientific Conference, which was held at the Faculty of Law in cooperation with the Gil Scientific Research Center, entitled "Electronic crimes", Tripoli-Lebanon, on 24-25 March 2017.
  •  The Fourth International Scientific Conference, which was held in cooperation with the ICHR, entitled "safeguards and Protection mechanisms for the Prevention of Torture in Palestine", Gaza-Flasin, Dec 12, 2017
  •  The fifth International Scientific Conference, which was held at the Faculty of Law in cooperation with the Gil Scientific Research Center, entitled "Environmental Protection Mechanisms", Tripoli-Lebanon, Dec 26-27, 2017.
  •  The sixth International Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Law in partnership with the Center for Women's Affairs - Gaza, entitled "Promoting the Rights of Palestinian Women under International Conventions and Experiences". Gaza-Palestine 11-12 March, 2019.
  •  First International Conference of the Faculty of Humanities "United Nations and the Palestinian cause: "Challenges and Opportunities".Gaza-Palestine, Feb 6-7, 2018.
  •  Second International Conference of the Faculty of Humanities, "Arab League and Palestinian Cause", Gaza: Palestine, Feb 5 and 6, 2019.
  •  First Medical Sciences Conference "New Direction Toward Better Health".  Gaza: Palestine, Dec 9, 2019.
  •  First Peer-reviewed Conference of the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences "Prospects for Development in Privacy of the Palestinian Reality", 23 Feb 2020 
  • Israa University-Gaza and the Gil Center for Scientific Research-Lebanon organized an International Conference entitled "Intellectual Property on Literature" on March 27-28, 2020, via (online medium).
Student Conferences:
The Department also supervises student scientific conferences in order to support and encourage scientific research.
  • The first Student Conference of the Faculty of Rights, entitled "The reality of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Gaza Strip Challenges and Prospects", May 10, 2017.
  •  Second Student Conference of the Faculty of Law, entitled "Legality of Resistance against occupation under International Humanitarian Law", April 5, 2018.
Specialized Research Centers of Israa Faculties:
The Department aims to promote support for scientific research locally and internationally by launching research centers that it overworks. The University has provided a separate building of six classes, including the following six research centers:
1. Center for Energy and Environment Research
2. The Center for Computing and Technology
3. Center for Law Studies and Human Rights
4. The Center for Public Information and Public Opinion Measurement
5. Center of Israa for Administrative and Financial Studies
6. Center of Israa Health Research
Recent Achievement

1- Dr Abudl-Fatah Qaraman published an article the the energy research team at Israa University -Gaza, which focuses its research efforts on how to use local resources to provide energy in a country that suffers from a severe lack of resources, has succeeded in developing compound fuel that relies on the olive pomace and has a high thermal value.

 Experiments were conducted on several mixtures of this fuel, represented by 20% of Alzibar water, 40% diesel and 40% dried olives, in addition to activated and auxiliary chemicals that can be used in heating stations and thermal furnaces.

 Dr. Ibrahim Al-Hausaina, a specialist in agricultural engineering and one of the members of the research team, explained that the lack of energy sources led them to search for alternatives, most notably "composite fuel with an olive pomace", indicating that it may be a cheap substitute for diesel used in power plant. For more info, please click on the following link.



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