its a non-profit research center, which is concerned with research and development in economic, financial and administrative aspects. The Center is affiliated with the Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences at Israa University.

The Center is also concerned with conducting research, preparing scientific and information studies and networking with local and international research centers. It also involved in seminars, lectures, workshops and participation; moreover, it seeks to publish research papers as well as the production of handbooks and quality books.


A progressive research center that reflects the role of IUSG in promoting scientific research to study economic problems, administrative and financial management in the community to developing it or solving problems.


Provide an environment for the preparation of scientific studies and research in the economic, administrative and financial fields and assist in their dissemination in internationally classified scientific journals; likewise advisory services in the economic, financial and administrative fields through cooperation with various local and foreign institutions.


  • To publish high-quality scientific research by funding publication in internationally classified journals.
  • Providing an Arab and foreign database (in the financial, administrative and economic disciplines) The college staff is free to assist them in preparing high-quality research to achieve the faculty's vision and aspirations in the field of scientific research.
  • Provide economic and administrative consultations to various institutions of society in order to enhance the vision of the University.
  • Provide and implement local and international partnerships to train the faculty staff  specialized in economic and financial training programs and learn efficiently to build and develop qualified academic staff specializing in administrative and financial skills.
  • Participating and presentating papers of contemporary economic, administrative and financial problems through panels and conferences.
  • Contribute to the dissemination of administrative and financial awareness in society through the production of various books and visual and visual information brochures and leaflets.
  • Encourage and assist young researchers, interested and creative people in research and advisory.
  • Boost cooperation between the university and various institutions in the areas of the center's work.
  • To strengthen cooperation between the university and various foreign research institutions


Director: Fathi Sawafiri

Secretary : Loai Abu Alhusain