The Internal Audit Service is directly connected to the Vice-President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, as the instrument through which the Department can verify the commitment of the administrative units of the university to administrative, financial and regulatory policies, to achieve self-monitoring of all the university's activities in its departments and departments. Thus, monitoring and implementing plans, identifying deviations and working toward solutions.

Internal Audition Functions:

1. ensure that restrictions, periodic and non-periodic financial documents are accurate and accurate.

2. The university and administrative orders are subject to administrative, financial and scientific authorities of all levels of the university.

3. Examine the reports for an activity The Chambers compare them with the plans drawn, check the levels of implementation of the targets set, seek and give opinions on the deviations needed.

4. Audit of disbursements, arrests and repayments by the circuit-based program; And testing of registrations and deportations in key accounting records and assistance.
5. Supervision of all inventory operations of fixed and monetary assets.

6. Preparation of financial and analytical studies, comparison and presentation to the Deputy Administrative Officer for decision-making assistance.

7. Follow-up to the work of the committees formed at the University; to ensure that their duties are properly performed.

8. Monitoring the implementation of the university budget, examining the final accounts and following up on the completion of its preparation requirements.

9- contribution to the preparation of the systems and studies required by the administration and others.

10. Preparation of periodic reports containing the results of the work of the audition and oversight services;  submitted it to Vice-Prisedent.

11. Conduct field visits to university campuses, follow-up the work, and report to the administrative representative on such visits.