Israa Museum contains more than 1,000 ancient antiques and contains rare and distinctive holdings such as the military weapons and helmets that soldiers were wearing on the head during the war, fighting and the gear, a tool used to repel the arrows and swords of Roman, Malkic, nepotic, and Crusader times.

Some daggers are good Some Arab countries such as Amani, Yemeni, Chechen, Iraq and Jordan, including a Palestinian, have some stones of different ages, such as Islamic and Byzantine, and there are old tools used for different purposes, including the Roman era olive oil, made up of basalt stone, a headboard used for wheat and barley in the harvest season, the mummy, and the fire

At the end, the Museum also has an old wooden tiger and the most precious and expensive of the metal, some  are used for light, drinking, oil, and there are pits with patterns, which are more expensive, with different sizes and shapes. The impressive point that some of them are from the Ottoman era like seal or pieces of pottery such as zair, irons and some tools used in a different character, include light output for small-sized lighting and light up with olive oil or lettuce and hon oil