Israa University is founded with slogan of "Changing towards Professionalism", where the Board of Directors will change and create a Palestinian national university with its own characteristics, and the will to be distinguished and creative, the University has the hope of a modern education based on application and advanced technology.

It is a university for all Palestinians and researchers. Its high professional orientation and creative free thinking, based on methodology and science. Therefore, Israa University seeks to achieve its goals through continuous contacts with all academic and educational authorities at home and abroad; yet for the sake of the Palestinian student, and it coordinates with Palestinian, Arab and international universities for the purpose of scientific cooperation. The academic, which enhances the position of the student, lecturer and researcher, adds a new dimension to them in the field of science and knowledge.

The University has provided an integrated learning environment, a distinguished selection of qualified academic staff, carefully prepared study plans provided expert numbers, and a well-thought-out approach that links theoretical study and application in order to be capable of embracing an ambitious student, and producing a qualified leadership, to compete and prove self nationally and globally.

Our motto is to hold the secretariat and work together to advance the University's progress. The University's career is well completed and placed in its desired place as a distinguished Palestinian national university and a beacon of science and knowledge.

Dr. Abd Al-Khaleq Al-Farra

President of Israa