Director of Scientific Research Message

Scientific research is the main lever for national renaissance at all levels. Israa University- Gaza (IUSG) has consequently given a vital role to scientific research by launching the scientific research department, which has undertaken to activate the leading role of scientific and applied research in all fields. As a result, the aim of creating real-time and strategic solutions to national, national and international dilemmas facing societies, specifically, Palestinian community.

IUSG has been based on the principles and foundations of scientific research in launching its diverse and pioneering programs that meet the real needs of the Palestinian community to bridge the gap between university disciplines and the requirements of the Palestinian labor market and to promote research innovation. To contribute to the development of practical solutions to various problems at the local level as well as to their active participation in scientific research and applications at the regional and international levels, the university has established a range of scientific partnerships at the local and international levels with scientific research leaders and representatives in different countries.

Scientific Research Department, Israa University, seeks to promote and support scientific research, back up its financial and logistical requirements, and disseminate research work locally and internationally to meet national aspirations for leading scientific research at the regional and international levels. The Scientific Research Department, furthermore, encourages its faculty staff members to attend local and international scientific conferences as well as to support the holding of scientific seminars and conferences at the university. Since its inception, the department has launched three  international scientific journals, two tribunals in applied Sciences, Humanities, and the third one for Conferences papers. To consolidate and disseminate pioneering research work and to support outstanding research initiatives that serve national development plans.

Dr. Alaa Matar

Director of the Scientific Research Department

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