Israa University is a Palestinian academic organization established by a cooperative group of academics and businessmen. Accordingly, the university has been accepted to be established under the Security Council resolution 165 for the 2014 year on 5th, May 2014. Therefore, the university has revealed legal permission from the Ministry of Higher Education. Successfully, Programs, which the university proposed for the ministry, have been approved.

The University provides a postgraduate degree in the following colleges:

  1. Financial and business administration sciences
  2. Health Professions
  3. Law
  4. Engineering
  5. Information system
  6. Human Sciences

In addition, IU provides diploma programs include a distinguished specialization, as it copes with the labour market.

The university aims to fill the knowledge and research gab, which is today’s societal issues, through developing curriculums and teaching methods linked between science and developments and meet the Palestinian society culture and aims.

The most important thing the university focuses on is bringing the gap between academic education and local and international labour market needs. Thus, the university offers a number of dynamic and flexible programs that provide students with work experience in a raped changed environment in many aspects especially the Palestinian unstable environment.

In order to develop the work and implement the aspired university plans and programs, a permanent headquarter in Al-Zahra city in a 40 demon wide with the most up to date engineering designs and equipped with all needed materials. Furthermore, the university, also, has a temporary headquarter in Yafa Street. This quarter includes a number of lecture halls, laboratories, and conference hall as well as many university facilities in 4000 meter wide.