The following excerpt is taken from the General Examinations Instructions.

Instruction for students while in the examination hall

(a) While in the examination hall, students are prohibited:

i. to accept any kinds of books, papers, pamphlets, pictures or any other documents from anybody else, unless items that are allowed by the Examiner/Head Invigilator/Invigilator;

ii. to communicate with one another in any way while examination is in session. If the students would like to speak with the Invigilators, students must raise their hands; and

iii. to exit the examination hall to go to the toilet or for any reasons without the prior consent from the Invigilator;

(b) After taking their seats, candidates must:

Fill up their attendance details in their Attendance Slip and place it along with their Identification Card/Student Card and Examination Slip at the upper right hand corner of their desk to be collected by the Invigilator. Students are reminded to collect their own Identification Card/Student Card and Examination Slip after it has been checked;

(c) Disciplinary measures will be taken against those who break these rules.”

For more details on the University's General Examinations Instructions, please contact the Examination Section of the Academic Division.


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