To achieve a pioneering role in the medical field at the local and regional levels targeting all sectors of society.

Providing comprehensive health care in accordance with the latest international systems and standards with the participation of all hospital employees through the optimal utilization of available resources to meet the growing needs of the population for distinguished health services in the Gaza Strip.


1. Kindness, compassion and seeking to understand and respond to all the needs of society.

2. Social justice by enabling vulnerable groups and minorities to access specialty care treatment.

3. Maintain the highest safety standards to provide safe care and service of high quality.

4. Work as a team to provide expertise, advanced technology and the best medical and management techniques to provide higher quality healthcare to our patients, and their families, and to dedicate our efforts to continuous improvement, excellence, professionalism and creativity in our work.

5. Respect, transparency and honesty with patients, their families and co-workers.


1. Lack of quality services, especially radiotherapy in the Gaza Strip.

2. The scarcity of specialized medical institutions and the weakness of their services.

3. The difficulty of treatment abroad and its high cost.

4. The emergence of chronic and serious diseases due to demographic and environmental conditions that currently have no treatment.

5. Many injuries in wars and work injuries.

6. Poor efficiency of specialized centers in rare surgery, heart surgery, nerves and artificial joints.

7. The increasing number of patients, especially incurable diseases, and the inability of existing medical institutions to meet these needs.



1. Establishing a specialized hospital in accordance with the latest international medical standards of high quality and rare specialties that complement the service not available in the Gaza Strip, which works to improve the performance of health services.

2. Providing quality medical specialized services in the Palestinian areas, which cost the government large amounts of the budget of the Ministry of Health (transfers abroad).

3. Alleviating the suffering of patients, injured and their companions who are transferred while crossing, travelling and staying in neighbouring countries, and saving their travel and accommodation expenses, thus benefiting them within the Palestinian economy.

4. Reducing the complications of the use of traditional surgeries and diseases resulting from the length of bureaucratic procedures resulting from the procedures of external transfer, which negatively affect the treatment of patients and their effectiveness.

5. Benefit from international and local expertise of competent people in various medical specialties.

6. Providing training opportunities for health workers and students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the university.

Promoting scientific research in the health sector.

8. Using cyberspace to connect the hospital to specialized hospitals worldwide for use in diagnosis and treatment.



This project is considered a first-class service project and an investment with a second degree social return, and will be working on the establishment of the hospital to be a medical edifice that provides its specialized and distinctive treatment services at all levels and in most medical specialties, by a team of specialized medical staff in various fields.

The departments will be equipped according to the latest technologies and modern devices to keep pace with the progress and medical development on an ongoing basis, and will provide their services 24 hours a day, applying the highest international quality standards.

The area of land allocated to the hospital is 27,000 square meters so that the hospital consists of three separate buildings as follows:

First: A two-storey building with an area of 1500 square meters per floor and a total area of 3000 square meters, which is a ground floor belonging to the hospital in addition to the first role, which is an extension of the Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Second: The proposed building is the main building of the hospital with an area of 1500 square meters consisting of basement + ground floor in addition to five other upper floors with a total area of 9000 square meters according to the engineering plan of the hospital.

Third: The emergency department building consisting of two floors with an area of 600 square meters per floor and a total area of 1200 square meters.

Therefore the hospital capacity will be 100 beds and is subject to increase in the future.


The hospital will be constructed to consist of the following departments:

  1. Specialized surgeries include:

A. joints surgery and/or replacement

           B. Laparoscopic surgery and oncology

2. Operations.

3. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

4. Intensive care.

5. Diagnosis and treatment of tumors and blood diseases.

6. Department of Cardiac Care and Cardiovascular Surgery.

7. General Subterranean Department

8. Department of General Surgery

9. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

10. Emergency.

11. Department of Obstetric Emergencies


Supporting Departments:

1. Diagnostic endoscopes.

2. Radiology.

3. Cardiac catheterization department (diagnostic and therapeutic).

4. Central Laboratory.

5. Specialized outpatient clinic.

6. Physical therapy.

7. Pharmacy

In addition to the departments mentioned, there will be support and special departments that provide diagnostic services, and will pay special attention because they are very effective in early diagnosis:

1. Laboratory labs.

2. Tissue Lab.

3. Physical therapy.

4. Diagnosis of heart disease.

Services will also be provided through other support units and departments:

1. Kitchen.

2. Sink.

3. Refrigerator to save the dead.

4. Engineering and maintenance.

5. Medical Archive.

6. Ambulance and transport services.

7. The Holocaust

The hospital will rely on a planning and development unit, an information and health research bank and training to raise the efficiency and level of services provided by it continuously in line with global developments, in addition to working on cooperation agreements with major international hospitals with the aim of developing services provided to the public and contracting with international doctors to conduct periodic operations.

The hospital will also provide parks, car parking and garages, a cafeteria and shops to buy gifts and flowers.

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