Scientific Research Department

Research flourishes in our 6 departments across five faculties, as well as in several centers, labs and programs that convene experts across disciplines to explore new intellectual frontiers and attack important societal problems. Our on-campus research capabilities are enhanced through the work of our six research centers, active research relations with industries. In this work, the ISUG Libraries serve as a crucial partner and a source of important research in their own right. ISUG continually develops organizations and partnerships that foster interdisciplinary work.

The impact of some research is evident immediately, whereas in other cases it can take years, or even decades, before the true value becomes apparent. There are no simple predictors of potential benefit or outcomes, and no single measure of impact. This is where the funding of research councils and charities is vital in supporting research which quite rather increases our fundamental understanding of the world and allows us to apply that improved knowledge.



The University is dedicated to become pioneer in the field of scientific research in local and international levels.


Promote distinct researches through providing supportive and stimulus environment for researchers in all scientific aspects. The main goal of the department is to promote the scientific research and enhance the university and Palestinian community.


  • Building the capacity of the academic cadre to achieve the university future in the field of scientific research.
  • Activate the academic research teamwork.
  • Communicate with local and global research centers and strengthening their cooperation.
  • Cultivate the concept of quality and contentious enhancement of scientific research department activates.
  • Keeping up with the strategic plans for national development.
  • Directing researches in order to build the knowledge society.


ISUG  researchers have invented, discovered, or devised

invented means that something has been created. In fact, invent comes from the Latin prefix in- (into) and the base word vent (to come). Literally, it is translated as to come into. It has come into being because the person has created it. An example of an invention is the telephone.

Discovered on the other hand comes from the Latin prefix dis- (a prefix that changes the meaning of the word effectively to its opposite) and the base word cooperire (to cover). So, this means that something has been uncovered. This is often some aspect of the world or universe that we did not know previously. An example of a discovery is the law of gravity.

Finally, devised comes from the Latin divisare (to divide). So, when someone is devising something, it means that they are closely examining it and coming up with a solution. An example of something devised is the Trojan horse strategy.


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