Under the auspices of the Scientific Research  Department of Israa University abroad and in cooperation with the College of Engineering and Information Technology, a scientific symposium was held with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Putra Malaysia in the context of strengthening  joint scientific and academic cooperation and in promoting activities under the cooperation agreement signed between the two parties. The scientific symposium was entitled "Academic Symposium and Student Exchange Program". In this  symposium, the chair of the scientific symposium , the official of the Scientific Research Department  abroad and  the representative of the university in foreign relations, Dr. Ahmed Badie Al-Masry, as well as the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Dr. Ahmed Ezzat Al-Slaibi. Concerning the University of Putra, Professor Wan Hassan, Head of the Department of Medical Engineering and Sensors, participated in an academic lecture on automation, engineering projects and robotics.

The scientific symposium was attended by more than 50 academics and engineering students from both universities. The symposium began with a short introductory video about  Israa University, its facilities, and the scientific atmosphere inside the university. Then, the professor spoke about the latest engineering and technological projects that have been implemented in preceding  years and those existing projects that are supervised by postgraduate students. During his speech, he reviewed several videos that explain these projects and their importance in solving problems in Malaysian society, especially in the medical and agricultural aspects. At the end of his speech, Professor Wan called the students of Israa University to join these projects within the student exchange program or within the completion of postgraduate studies at Putra University. He pointed out that there are a number of vacancies for graduate students who can participate in engineering projects directly, and he also presented a number of those projects supported by the Malaysian government. After that, a short introductory video was shown at the University of Putra Malaysia. Dr. Ahmed Ezzat Al-Salibi thanked Professor Wan for his efforts and cooperation in making the scientific symposium a success.

As for the second part of the symposium, Dr. Ahmed Badie Al-Masry spoke about the student exchange program, and announced the opening of registration for students of Israa University who are willing to enroll in University Putra Malaysia by either studying courses accredited by both universities or by implementing graduation projects in the laboratories of the University of Putra Malaysia. He reviewed the mechanism and conditions for registration in the student exchange program and urged students to commit  to the standards and regulations of both universities. At the end of the meeting, the debate was opened for the students to inquire about the program, and their  inquiries were answered within an encouraging atmosphere and a motivation to join the student program.