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Under the auspices of His Excellency the Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh, in partnership with Michigan State University, the United States of America, and the University of Al-Quds  - Palestine, has announced its international scientific conference "Sustainable Territorial Development: A New Approach to Development Processes for the Economies of the South," to be held on July, 13-14 2021.
The Conference is organized in cooperation with PACTE Institute of the University of Grenoble Alpes-France, the Mediterranean Agricultural Institute IAMM-France, University of Moulay Ismail-Morocco and the Centre for the Improvement and Development for Communities (IDCO) - Palestine.
The President of the Conference, Dr. Nabil Abu Shammala, explained that the importance of the Conference stemmed from its role in highlighting the territorial approach to development, examining its efficiency, raising problems and exploring innovative solutions, ways and means of contributing to development processes, particularly in Palestine.
Dr. Abu Shammala said that the Conference had many objectives, most notably, to learn about the territorial approach to development, explore its various literature, examine the efficiency and relevance of the territorial approach to the economy of the South in general and the Palestinian economy in particular, and the importance of using and diverting private resources by organizing local actors to benefit from them.

Watch Dr Abu Shammal Announcing the Conference event


The Conference had four main Tracks to be discussed over two days:
First Track: Concept of territorial development: curriculum and literature, and economic and social importance.
Second Track: Implementation of the South's territorial development approach (challenges and solutions).
Third Track: Areas of application of the territorial development approach.
Fourth Track: Successful international experiences in the application of the territorial development approach.

The President of the Conference noted that the deadline for receiving research summaries was 15 April next, while the deadline for receiving research was 25 April, noting that the deadline for receiving research was 1 June next, and for responding to accepted research on 20 June. It is recalled that the Conference Committee accepts research in the following official languages: Arabic - English - French. It should be noted that the Israa University-Gaza attaches great importance to scientific research. Many international scientific conferences have been organized by the Tribunal.

 Prof. Bernard Piqueur, Chair of the International Scientific Committee, also announced launching the conference activities by French version


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