WHO Director-Gaza Sasha Botsuma's Visit To Israa University

Monday, 11/16
Ms. Sasha Botsuma, Director of the World Health Organization (WHO)-Gaza Strip, visited Israa University on November 16, 2020 at the Alzahra Headquarter. As, Dr. Adnan AlHajjar, the University president, welcomed her with other elite Administrative and academic staff.

Dr. Al-Hajjar thanked Ms. Botsuma for its essential role during Covid-19 pandemic. Then he expressed the severe health conditions the sector is experiencing due to  the continued Israeli blockade.

Dr. Al-Hajjar presented an introduction to the University, its activities and specializations, and the University's strategy followed by the outbreak of COVID-19. He said, "we are one of the first universities to set up a plan to continue the educational process under the pandemic". Hence, he emphasized the University's aspiration to increase cooperation and enhance joint coordination with the World Health Organization (WHO), through many sectors and activities that serve the University and its students, stressing that youth are the real subject of the advancement and development of Palestinian society.

The President of ISUG, and Ms. Botsuma, briefed the project of the Israa University' hospital, which was approved by the Palestinian government, and laid a cornerstone by Dr. Mai AlKaila, Minister of Health. she stressed on that the hospital will serve a large group of the Palestinian society in addition to the students of health disciplines.

Last but not least, Ms. Botsuma expressed her happiness for visiting Israa University for the first time; moreover, she discussed the pivotal points of joint cooperation with the University during the next period, especially in the field of scientific research, and the extent to which medical equipment could be easily accessible to the Israa University Hospital.