Public Relations Department

07  Sep, 2020

Under the patronage of Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Mohamed Ashtia; Her Excellency Minister of Health, Dr. Mai ALKaila laid the foundation stone of Israa University Hospital in Gaza Strip. Dr. Adnan Al-Hajjar, the university president; Dr. Ibrahim Al-Haussaina, the board chairman; the vice-presidents, the faculty deans; and Dr. Fathi Abu Warda, the Minister's Advisor.

The Minister expressed her happiness for a new achievement of Israa University-Gaza, which comes to see a series of achievements the university has achieved recently, first and foremost, getting the certificate of the quality of international accreditation (ISO), ISO:9001:2015.

Minister AlKaila confirmed that Israa University Hospital will be a new building block to reinforce the Palestinian health reality, especially in Gaza Strip, which suffers from its weak health abilities because of the occupation and its practices.

The Palestinian government approved the university hospital in its last session, following the presentation of the project by Dr. Mahmoud Abu Mweis, the Minister of higher Education and Scientific Research, as the first educational university hospital in Gaza Strip.

"The generation of young people is a promising generation, we want no external transfers, and a healthy service homeland, which is deeply strategic to the Palestinian government," AlKaiala said, adding that "every salute and respect for the management of Israa University, which takes confident steps toward further progress and success in serving our people."

 Dr. Al-Hajjar, paid high tribute to Minister AlKaila's visit to the university and laid the cornerstone for the "University Hospital", the first step in completing the major project that will provide health services to our people.

Dr. Al-Hajjar eventually thanked President Mahmoud Abbas; Prime Minister Dr. Mohamed Ishtiah; Dr. Mahmoud Abu Mweis, Minister of higher Education and Scientific Research; and Dr. Mai AlKaila, Minister of Health, for their permanent support to our people and for the educational March that is the essence of any progress and prosperity for any society.