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Israa University (IUSG) announced on Tuesday its international scientific conference entitled "The International Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and The Palestinian Cause" , in cooperation with Malaysian National University (UKM) and Al-Manara Center for Studies and Research-Morocco.

Dr. Adnan Al-Hajjar, Israa University President , said that the University has promoted the culture of scientific research through the holding and organization of scientific conferences, which are considered to be important for scientific research in the development of society and for finding creative scientific solutions to its problems. The 13th International Conference, organized by IUSG, is an embodiment of the University's policy, philosophy and vision of promoting scientific research aimed at individual and community development, said Dr. Al-Hajjar.

Dr. Alaa Matar, Conference Chairman  & Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, said that the conference comes at a sensitive time in the Palestinian Cause path, and seeks to achieve several objectives, for instance,

1-to recognize the role and relationship of OIC with the Palestinian Cause,

2-to highlight the challenges facing the role of (OIC) toward the Palestinian Cause,

3-to come up with workable proposals and recommendations that can be used to support the Palestinian Cause.

The conference also aims at attracting distinguished research that highlights the role of OIC toward the Palestinian Cause and the available opportunities to the Palestinians  to publishing it in the journal of Israa University for Scientific Conferences.

Dr. Matar willingly highlighted that the conference dealt with five tracks as follows:

I: The position of OIC on the Palestinian Cause.

II: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and political settlement in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy.

III: The role of the OIC in the Palestinian Cause based on regional and international changes.

IV: Efforts of the OIC countries to support the Palestinian Cause.

V: A future vision to activate the role of OIC for the benefit of the Palestinian Cause.


Important Dates

Deadline for receiving Abstracts is 1st Oct, 2020,

Deadling for receiving the full research papers and interventions is 15th Nov,2020,

The conference will be held on 1-2,Dec, 2020.


For contacting or submitting research papers , please  email us via:



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