Public and International Relations Department - Gaza

Israa University from Palestine participated in the proceedings of the third international scientific conference organized by Al-Markab University -Libya in the mid of last week on the institutions and development issues into the developing countries.

Dr. Mohamed Abu Youssef, Head of Accounting Department at Israa University- Gaza, presented through Video Technology a paper entitled "The Role of International Accounting Standards in The Public Sector (IPSASS) in Achieving Institutional Governance and Reducing The Use of Power in Developing Countries".

The conference participants relatively welcomed the participation of Israa University from Palestine in the conference activities, padding the League's qualitative participation, which added a distinguished model in the field of international accounting and institutional governance. The University's participation in the conference comes in the belief of the importance of scientific research and the participation of it's staff in it's activities at the local and international levels; furthermore, It plays a positive and distinct role in promoting the scientific course of the university and establishing its role in contributing to the advancement of the  Arab community and international environment.

The conference aims at introducing the new institutional economics, analyzing the institution's relationship with economic growth in developing countries and the policy of institutional reform and its relation to development.