The University of Al-Asraa in Gaza has signed a memorandum of understanding and joint cooperation with the French University of Grenoble, within the framework of strengthening the joint cooperation between the two universities and exchanging different academic and research experiences. The Convention provides for the promotion of the exchange of university staff (lecturers, researchers, and administrative staff), and the development of teaching and research activities and projects of common interest.

The Convention also included the exchange of students for periods of study, for practical research, work, and training, as well as the organization of joint academic conferences and the promotion of joint publications between the two universities.

Dr. Adnan Al-Hajjar, stressed that this agreement comes within the framework of the strategic vision of the University for the development of higher education in Palestine in general, and the Gaza Strip in particular through the coordination of partnerships with regional and international educational institutions.

He added that this agreement comes within the framework of the series of Arab and international agreements and partnerships signed by the League in order to benefit from the external experiences to work on upgrading the university, so that it enjoys a prominent position among universities at all levels. It is worth mentioning that the French University of Grenoble was established in 1339, which is the third biggest university in France, and the university includes about 45,000 students and more than 3000 researchers.

Known for its scientific research in natural sciences and engineering, in law, linguistics and psychology, it is one of the best and most innovative universities in Europe and is famous for its academic researchers in the humanities and political sciences. It hosts the largest research centers in France in such areas as political science, urban planning or organization sociology.