Department of Public and International Relations -  Gaza

Academics and students in Al-Asraa University in Gaza raised the Tunisian flag beside the Palestinian flag in fulfillment of Tunisia's country honorable attitudes toward the Palestinian cause and rejecting the Israeli crimes. The participants in the stand that comes within the activities of "Al-Jamil's response to Tunisia" paid the Tunisian people and their leadership long-standing support for the Palestinian people and their cause in all international forums, which Tunisian President Qays said recently confirmed.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Waddeya, director of the Department of Public and International Relations, said that the Tunisian flag raising of his Palestinian counterpart is part of payback to Tunisia's response that supports the Palestinian cause, and refuses the continuous Israeli aggression against our people.

He added that the shouts recorded recently by the mass media for the Tunisian people for supporting Palestine, that it is an occupied country, and that Jerusalem is an Arab that shows the strong and unfriendly interdependence between the Arab peoples.

This event is a valuation to the decision of the Tunisian Minister of Education Dr. Hatem Ben Salem, who is represented in the performance of the two national anthems, and raising of Palestinian and Tunisian flags in Tunisian schools and educational institutions, and the accurate silence of the Palestinian martyrs' lives, in response to the Israeli decision to close Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem, including the Department of Education.