Public and International Relations-Gaza

The faculty started discussing graduation research for alumni at the university headquarter in north-Gaza, and it will continue for a week.

The faculty of law dean congratulated his students, who finished their discussion successfully and got a bachelor degree in law and human rights, wishing a successful educational and practical life for them.

In addition, the faculty dean thanked supervising and discussion committee who had an important role in producing good and excellent research. He, also, praised the university contribution in creating an appropriate environment needed for succeeding students. 

Furthermore, the university president praised the dean and the academic staff in the faculty for their efforts in graduating such distinguished students.

He assured that the university role will not stop after students graduated, yet it will apply its distinguished graduates as “a best student” to work in the university. In addition, it will help excellent students to continue their post-graduation studies through changing programs that the university had established with some of the other global universities.