Public and international school-Israa University

The university organized the school day attended by a number of academics and university students.

It begins with a presentation introduced by Eng. Mohamed Al-Yazouri, a lecturer at the university. He shed the light of the importance of implementing inverter technology in air conditioning systems.

Whereas, ways of increasing the efficiency of solar power systems for generating electric power discussed by Dr.husam Muslih, the researcher at Al-Azhar University.

Dr. Abudlfathah Qaraman, a lecturer at the university, talks about new ways in manufacturing brick, which consist of air pockets with excellent thermal insulation and used for thermal insulation in buildings.

In that sense , Dr.Omar Muhaisen a lecturer at the university presented methods of water treatment and desalination through magnetization process.

At the end of the school day, dean of the faculty of engineering thanked the attendance and the participants at the school day.

This activity comes through a series of extracurricular activities provided by the university that aims to improve the needed skills for the labour market.