Oct. 29, 2018 – The president of Israa University Dr. Adnan Al-Hajjar participated in the second international scientific conference for Social and educational sciences held at Bandırma University in Turkey.

Dr. Adana Al Hajjar on behalf the researchers of the conference praising the university, its president Solomon Uzdemir, and the organizers of the conference as well as expressing his great pleasure in participating in such scientific conference.

He said: "From the capital and cities of our great homeland, Palestine, from the wounded and bereaved Palestine, from Palestine the witness and the martyrdom, from Jerusalem the capital of the earth, sky, and the city of prophets and history, we came here carrying our burdens as well as our hopes. From Gaza, we promising ourselves and the nation to be the voice of their conscience, pulse, and determination of the right. We came to present our ideas, researches, and experiences, to discuss them in order to produce conclusions and recommendations. The conclusions and recommendations that contribute to developing our societies scientifically, politically, legally, economically, and educationally.”

He stressed the importance of serious scientific research to contribute to developing science and knowledge locally and internationally.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Adnan Al-Hajjar and Dr. Ibrahim Al-Hassaina, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the university, are conducting an external tour to coordinate and cooperate with several Arab and Islamic universities.