A word of welcome by the President of the University

Israa University was launched as a result of the need for change and professionalism, which the will of the Administration Body is to establish a Palestinian university with distinguished characteristics. Thus, the university aims to employ modern teaching methods depending on practical implementations, and modern technology.

The University was founded to serve all Palestinians, researchers, its high professional cadres as well as creative thoughts based on a special scientific methodology.

Our University seeks to establish a strong network with all academic institutions inside and outside Palestine in order to provide the best services for its students. In addition, it contributes to deepening ties and academic cooperation between Arab and Foreign Universities for the advancement of the researchers, lecturers, and students as well as renewing the academic scope. 

The entrepreneur role of the university has a strong connection with the Palestinian society; it devotes its in-depth scientific researches in the Palestinian issues and provides suggestions and solutions in order to contribute to decreasing the hardship of the Palestinian people.  

As our university seeks toward professionalism, we dedicate all our efforts and experiences to graduate a creative leader generation in many aspects. 

The main goal of the University is to give students high-quality knowledge in order to ensure the competitiveness of graduates in the labour market. This contributes to an innovative model of practice-based learning, aimed for future professional student activity and employment. For this purpose, on the basis of the University, new business units and academic laboratories have been created as a permanent base of practice and research.

Happiness, prosperity, and success to everyone.

Dr. Adnan Al-Hajjar