The Faculty of Human Sciences is one of important pillars in the university that meets the needs of the Palestinian society, and it is supported by specialized cadres in the fields of humanities. The college programs are characterized by curricula and learning methods that rely on the latest scientific techniques and methods, through applying ICT in the educational process. In addition, the College depends on the effective linkage between theory and practice, and allows its students to communicate with the relevant institutions, like those are interest in media, politics and languages, ​​in order to improve their skills. In turn, the College supports joint scientific research and the exchange research experiences between the College and its counterparts at the local, regional, and international levels. It, also, seeks to play an active role in serving and developing the society.


To be pioneer in knowledge and research in the human sciences in order to preserve the identity of the society.


The college seeks to achieve the best educational and cognitive standards, keens to achieve advanced scientific research, and provides related services. In addition, it is working hard to enhance its techniques, curricula and, students’ study programs to develop applied, intellectual, scientific, and creative skills as well as research capabilities. It also seeks to establish contact with the Arab and Islamic heritage. Moreover, it aims to create a bridge of communication with other cultures and link its achievements to contemporary issues. At the same time, the College seeks to develop the foundations of economic, cultural and educational development in the society.



Disseminate knowledge and enhance education within the framework of national constants.

Prepare distinguished specialists in the human sciences according to the actual requirements of the society.

Contribute in enhancing scientific research and various studies.

 Deepen the culture of the Palestinian heritage as well as the contemporary world cultures.


Graduate qualified students in the fields of arts and humanities to meet the needs of the labor market.

Develop faculty members' skills in different science, knowledge, and experiences, and enable them to employ ICT in their educational process.

 Work on developing the educational curricula, and adopting it according to the quality standards.

Activate the role of the college as an integrated consultative center in various fields of human sciences.

 Establish relationships between the college and the society to solve the society problems by providing a mechanism to market applied research and consultancy.